Looking to Create More Clarity & Purpose in Your Worklife?

Looking to Create More Clarity & Purpose in Your Worklife?

Chances are you are not alone with various Australian and global reports citing around 2/3 of the working population is not engaged or happy in their work.

In the ‘2016 Snapshot of the Australian Workforce’ report, they cite that 72% of employees are searching for purpose and meaning through their work.

This is not surprising, if you consider that 1/3 of human life is spent working. Another 1/3 is spent sleeping and the other 1/3 for family, friends, leisure.

If you are ready to start making some positive changes to your work, take a moment to download this complimentary ‘Worklife Wheel’ exercise. Then find a quiet place, a drink and a pen and paper to start asking yourself some of the curly questions about who you are (your authentic self) what you are/were passionate about, what gives you a sense of purpose and to consider different ways you can bring more clarity, passion, and purpose into your work.

You will find this process both challenging and motivating. A wonderful first step that costs you nothing but your time. How will you measure your life? HBR

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