Salary & Contract Negotiation – Ensuring You Are Paid Your Worth!

Salary Package & Contract Negotiation is such an important career management skill that most of us shy away from developing. This article is a timely reminder about why brushing up on your negotiation skills is essential. While this incident was made public – think about how often people accept roles with organisations via the recruiter or hiring manager where this occurs! More often than most of us would like to admit.  While investing in education is a worthwhile investment, as is a great wardrobe, image and so on, investing in personal development and negotiation skills is equally valid.

“A recruiter has lost her job after taking to social media to “brag” about low-balling a job candidate by a staggering $45,000.” To read the article visit this link.

To start brushing up on your negotiation skills read –7 Steps to Successful Salary & Contract (Re-) Negotiation – Kelly Magowan

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