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As certified Type Trainers with over 30 years collective experience, we facilitate interactive and engaging workshops using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) or the Majors™ across Australia.

Our facilitators are accredited in MBTI® Step 1 & 2 and the Majors PTi™ and Elements™. One of our facilitators is the only person in Australia certified in the recently launched, MBTI® Step 3.  Type is a highly regarded tool used to gain insights into personal preferences, ourselves and others. It has stood the test of time and is utilised across the world for a variety of professional development purposes including career development, team building, stress management, executive coaching, conflict resolution and leadership development.

Type training is one of the wonderful professional development programs that employees truly value and apply to their work life years after the training.  Click on the following link to learn more about the history of Type an its value in people development today.

The Benefits of Type Training:

  • Expands each employees’ level of self-awareness
  • Facilitates more effective and authentic communication between team members
  • Leads to more effective and productive teams as individual differences become celebrated and leveraged
  • Reduced workplace stress and minimised potential workplace conflict
  • Provides a reference point and shared language to defuse conflict, should it arise



We offer a tailored approach to your Type training based on a range of workshop topics, with the first session focused on the introduction to Type theory. Here are a range of workshops and brief outlines on the typical content.

Introduction to Type & Communication Workshop*

This is the crucial first stage in the Type learning process. Before the workshop participants complete the MBTI® or the Majors™ profiling assessment online and then they receive their individual reports during the workshop. Every effort is made to ensure that every individual is satisfied with their results before proceeding to the second stage of the workshop, learning to apply type in the workplace.

In this workshop participants will:

  • Learn about the theory of MBTI and the 16 personality types
  • Develop a greater understanding of their individual type
  • Learn more about their natural strengths, work style preferences and areas for potential development
  • Develop an understanding of the different personality types in their team
  • Discover a language to communicate more effectively with one another
  • Leverage a new framework to develop an action plan for increasing workplace communication and strengthening workplace relationships

Participants learn from personal insights, sharing and discussing the concepts, case studies, role plays and a range of exercises to simulate realistic work life situations. In this way participants leave the workshop with an action plan to apply their Type insights in their work place.

*Typically a half day workshop. Full Day Workshops & Programs for Work Retreats can be tailored to your needs.

Advanced Type Workshops

Once your team have completed the initial training, there are a number of applications of this awareness. Advanced workshops will truly embed the learning from the first workshop and help your team to substantially increase their personal effectiveness in the workplace.

We offer workshops (minimum of  2 hours) on a range of challenges to overcome in the workplace. Here are some examples.

Using Type to Manage Stress
This session explores stress and wellbeing in the workplace. Then explains how awareness of individual Type can be applied to identifying stress triggers for each participant. This session will assist the participants to create their action plan to manage stress in their work and personal lives.

Using Type to Handle Conflict
This session helps participant to expand their understanding of type and how to apply it to conflict resolution. Participants will be introduced to a model that builds awareness of the impact of conflict and a process on how to resolve it for a variety of Type preferences. Participants will then more adaptable and effective in resolving a variety of challenging situations.

Using Type in Developing Leaders
Leadership roles are often sought as a career enhancement. This workshop explores current leadership theory and challenges in the workplace. Then, helps the participants to identify their best fit leadership style and how to adapt to other styles, where needed.

Using Type for Selling and Building Customer Relationships
In this session participants will build on their knowledge of type to improve their effectiveness of their selling and relationship building styles. The participants learn how to apply type theory to the four-stage selling process. The aim of the session is to help participants to better understand their client needs and improve listening skills to build trusted relationships and ultimately, increase sales.

Training can be adapted for your organisational needs and staff numbers. We can provide training fee quotes as requested.

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