• Have you successfully changed your job or career after your studies?

  • Are your career expectations being met after completing your studies?

  • Did you gain a promotion or salary increase that exceeded the cost of your study?

If you answered ‘NO’ to any of the above questions, we are here to help you achieve your career goals!

Don’t worry, you are not alone. If you have recently completed, or about to compl03B64861.jpgete, a postgraduate course, such as an MBA you are likely to be considering your next career move or promotion. To be able to maximise your career after your studies, you need to also invest in your career studies alongside your postgraduate education. Too often postgraduate students expect their education to give them the career opportunities and feel disappointed after not reaching their goals.

How much time did you spend on networking to find out more information about career pathways for you? During your course did you spend time enhancing your professional development such as job searching skills, presentation skills, personality profiling, networking skills or techniques to understanding people’s preference for communication, learning, teamwork or conflict? These are the set of skills that will enhance your career prospects and help you to become an effective manager or leader.

At Diversitas, we have extensive experience in coaching postgraduate students on how to maximise their investment on their studies, evaluate career options and make a successful transition to capitalise on their education investments. We use the latest thinking in career coaching alongside tried and tested personality profiling tools.

We have helped hundreds of postgraduate students achieve their study and career goals. To learn more you can read more of our client testimonials.

“Kelly helped me switch gears and pursue a career in management consulting. This has been an exciting career change and I’ve not looked back. The main strength Kelly provided was in building confidence that it is possible, although hard, to change careers. Her other advice, support and information on structuring the resume, targeting the translatable skills and managing the expectations of what a career in consulting would look like before entering, has been essential to the success of being admitted to a big 4 consultancy. Thank you for all your help!” Thomas, MBA Student

“Having worked extensively in both industry and consulting following my MBA, I wanted to re-assess where I was going with my career and what future work would best enable me to achieve my professional and personal goals. Sue’s perspectives challenged my going-in position, helped me to think through my different career options, and showed me how to pUrsue these through professional networks, executive search consultants, internet etc. Sue also helped me understand the important ‘work/life style’ trade-offs associated with different careers. Her advice on how to get the ‘right’ job for me was invaluable, and has provided me with clarity on what I want to achieve in the next stage of my career” Michael, Partner at an International Private Equity Consultant

Let our team of experienced Career & Executive Coaches at Diversitas help you achieve your Career Goals.

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