Welcome to the Diversitas  Free Career Resources for Professionals & Executives.

We are constantly adding a variety of free resources to assist professionals & executives in their job search and/ or career transition – including workbooks, articles, questionnaires and much more.  We are providing these amazing complimentary career resources as we are passionate about empowering people in their work lives. It starts with each of us making the decision to truly own and manage our careers.

Career Change Fear Blockers Exercise Worksheet

If you are looking to make a job or career change and something is holding you back, spend up to 30 minutes on this exercise. You will be surprised how effective this exercise is in helping you move forward to both start to plan and work towards achieving your career goals.

Diversitas Career Change Blockers Exercise

Strengths & Skills Clarity Guide

If you are struggling to write your resume or to determine what direction to take your career in this guide will help you get things moving forward.


Understanding Your Key Values Exercise 

The role our values play in our work life satisfaction should never be underestimated. These values can change over time at different life stages. They act as our internal compass and require us to regularly reflect and check in to see they still ring true. Not only do we need to be able to list them, but we also need to be able to define and articulate them.  This exercise will help you in achieving this.  Allow up to 30 minutes to do this exercise. It will help in your cover letters, interviews and in finding the right organisational cultural fit.


Personal Pitch Template 

While many people are familiar with the ‘Elevator Pitch’ concept for startups, few of us spend the time to craft our own compelling ‘Personal Pitch’ to help others understand our Personal Brand and where we add the most value in the world of work.  Use this template to help you craft a more compelling introduction for your next interview or networking event.


Type Worksheets – 16 Personality Types,  Temperament, Stress, Communication & Conflict