My Coach’ – Employee Career & Wellness Programs

At Diversitas our coaches each have over twenty years corporate and coaching experience working successfully with thousands of professionals and executives, to experience a meaningful and successful career. 

We can support your employees in all aspects of their career from developing their confidence, improving their health and wellness, building a compelling LinkedIn profile, or Personal Branding through to building their personal effectiveness and developing their career  within your organisation. 

Employee Engagement in Australia

Current statistics from Conscious Work show that 70% of the workforce are disengaged at work. Alarming figures for employee health & wellbeing, organisational productivity and our overall organisations bottom lines.

While organisations are looking to be proactive in increasing employee engagement levels, with new initiatives such as yoga, fruit boxes, etc they are clearly not working to fix the fundamental problems.  In 2016 the Huffington Post ran an article ‘Less than half of Aussies are happy with their job’. Traditionally the figure has sat at 50% of the workforce being unhappy or disengaged at work. In recent years this figure has risen to 70% which suggests new more meaningful approaches are required, including more bottom up approaches rather than just the top down initiatives.     It is human nature to want to achieve and be successful in our employment. No one wakes up thinking I want to go to work today and perform badly, this thinking goes against our fundamental human drive to succeed.  Whether you look at Maslow’s theory of self-actualisation, or Martin Seligman’s PERMA model (Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Achievement’ this model shows people need to have these five core elements met to achieve psychological wellbeing and happiness. 

Given the average employee spends 1/3 of their life at work, 1/3 sleeping and a 1/3 in other pursuits, it makes sense that employees look to achieve a lot of these five core elements through their employment. We know people want to show up at work feeling great about themselves most of the time.  The new world of work and living can be overwhelming for people, leaving them unsure how to navigate their work and life. 

Offering an internal confidential program such as ‘My Coach’ as an opt in employee  internal career development service delivers employees professional support and the tools and permission to take ownership of their careers and to feel empowered with the support of a coach, their managers and employer to create the changes they need in their work and life to be more engaged at work

Our Coaches

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Our coaches have all worked in senior roles within a range of industries and have extensive experience working within the postgraduate education sector.  They complement this with backgrounds in HR, Recruitment, Leadership Development, Team Performance, and Executive & Career Coaching. They are certified in a range of personality profiling tools and professional members of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA). As a result, they are equipped to coach you on a deep personal development level, create clarity out of complexity and help your employees to focus on being the best version of themselves.  

Some of The topics employees may cover with their coach include:

  • Health & wellness strategies 
  • Career management & advancement
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Developing confidence
  • Further education 
  • Leadership development
  • Personal branding tools (Personal Pitch, CV, LinkedIn profile)
  • Tackling challenging conversations
  • Exploring further study options
  • Exploring board &/or committee roles
  • Personality Type Profiling – certified in MBTI®, Majors PTi/Elements™ and the Birkman Method®

Note: employees are provided with workbooks, worksheets, templates and examples throughout the coaching process as required. 

Coaching approach

We offer our clients the coaching support they need in a way that works best with their career and lifestyle. We recognise that everyone has different learning styles and may need to balance their personal development with several other aspects of their life. Hence coaching delivery is flexible including face to face & Skype, Zoom, Face Time and the timing of each program may vary.


Let our team of experienced Career & Executive Coaches at Diversitas help your employees be the best version of themselves. 

To find out more about ‘My Coach’ please get in touch.