Welcome to our Complimentary Career Resources for Professionals & Executives to help you plan, manage and grow your career.  These resources are provided with the hope they will inspire and empower you to work and live with greater meaning and purpose.

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Worklife Wheel Exercise

If you are ready to start making some positive changes to your work, take a moment to download this complimentary ‘Worklife Wheel’ exercise. Then find a quiet place, a drink and a pen and paper to start asking yourself some of the curly questions about who you are (your authentic self) what you are/were passionate about, what gives you a sense of purpose and to consider different ways you can bring more clarity, passion, and purpose into your work.

Career Change Fear Blockers Exercise Worksheet

If you are looking to make a job or career change and something is holding you back, spend up to 30 minutes on this exercise. You will be surprised how effective this exercise is in helping you move forward to both start to plan and work towards achieving your career goals.

Understanding Your Key Values Exercise 

The role our values play in our work life satisfaction should never be underestimated. These values can change over time at different life stages. They act as our internal compass and require us to regularly reflect and check in to see they still ring true. Not only do we need to be able to list them, but we also need to be able to define and articulate them.  This exercise will help you in achieving this.  Allow up to 30 minutes to do this exercise. It will help in your cover letters, interviews and in finding the right organisational cultural fit.

My Career Vision & Strategy                            

The Career Vision & Strategy template is a great way to start capturing some of your key ideas about your career – both the short term and the longer term goals. Plus, some areas to consider if you are looking for a career that is aligned with your values and purpose.