“Just wanted to let you know – at last I’ve secured that permanent Marketing Manager role I was looking for. I wanted to say thanks to you. For believing in me and helping me believe in myself. I could never have got to a CV I was proud of and a LinkedIn profile that reflected what I stand for if it hadn’t been for your help. Despite spending over 6 months with the out-placement service it wasn’t until you held me to account that I really had a breakthrough with both CV and LinkedIn.” Carol, Marketing Manager

Are You a Professional or Executive Looking to Make Positive Changes to Your Career? Read on….

the program

The Career Clarity & Change Program is designed for busy professionals and executives who are looking to make a successful career change. The program offers structure, accountability, flexibility of session delivery (virtual &/or face to face) and ongoing coaching support.

You might be looking to make a career change and don’t know where to start, or you may have some career directions in mind but are not sure which path to take. Alternatively, you may have been lost your job and are looking to use this time to find a career you are passionate about. If you are looking to gain career clarity, a strategy and accountability to move forward then this program is for you.

Areas the program covers

Below is a summary of coaching topics you will explore with your coach over 8 coaching sessions (8×1-1.5 hours) conducted virtually &/or face to face.

Career analysis – past, present and future, Reviewing past career and life trends. Ikigai – Life’s Purpose. Looking at career blockers & saboteurs.  Defining the parameters for the next stage of your career.  

Personality profile assessment*          Assessment and feedback to understand your personal preferences using the MBTI / The Majors Profiling Too Assessment, report, debrief and personality type book.  (*optional, you may use this session for another topic)

Core values & skills under the microscope     Taking a deep dive into your core values & transferable skills and strengths for career option creation & achievement story writing.

Career vision, goals & strategy           Creating a strategic approach to career goal setting and creating the stepping-stones to reach a long-term vision. Includes creating a career map.  

Creating your Personal Branding tool kit        Identifying your unique selling points and creating your personal brand materials that are targeted and relevant for the paths you are targeting: CV, LinkedIn, Cover Letters

Job search techniques & networking Best methods for networking, engaging with recruiters and applying for online jobs. Developing your elevator pitch to use at meetings and events.

Program outcomes

There are many possible outcomes for you, depending on your goals and outcomes you are seeking from the program. Some clients find that going through the process creates added benefits they were not expecting, such as an increase in confidence, developing new networks (personal and professional connections), a greater sense of purpose in their work, decreased stress and anxiety.

Past Coaching Client Outcomes…

  • Securing a more senior role in the same profession where they feel more challenged and engaged, in a culture aligned with their values
  • Transitioning into a new profession that is aligned with their transferable skills, values, career goals and that offers a sense of purpose
  • Setting up their own business or consultancy in an area aligned with their expertise and areas of interest, enabling them to work aligned with their personal and financial goals
  • Creating a portfolio career aligned with their personal and financial goals
  • Career clarity and confidence, with a career map and strategy, tools and support to work towards a plan

Next Steps

When you engage a coach, we appreciate it is a significant time, personal and financial investment and that you want to be sure that the coaching support is right for you to achieve your goals. We are always happy to put prospective coaching clients in touch wit past coaching clients to have a chat with them about the process and their experience.   We also encourage you to read the client testimonials on our site.

If you are ready to start making positive changes in your career – we encourage you to reach out to learn more about the coaching support available. There is no obligation to move forward after the complimentary coaching call. 

To learn more email kelly@diversitas.com.au or book a complimentary coaching session via Calendly

“You are a highly skilled adviser who can adapt to changing needs.  You have the tools available to create focus and inspiration. The tools are deceptively simple and delivered in a sensitive but challenging style. A delight to deal with.”  Trevor, Legal Executive.

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