In 2017, off the back of undertaking my MBA, I worked closely with Kelly to focus my career value proposition and enable me to transition into the C-suite. I was highly impressed by her ability to synthesise my experience and assist me to re-pitch myself at an executive level. She gave me much food for thought and challenged me to think deeply about myself, my past career and my future career in order to clarify my goals and find my true value add. Kelly also did not pander to me about my likelihood of success, she told me straight up the pitfalls I would face in the recruitment machine – this I appreciated more than any other advice, as it forced me to think creatively and consider how to expand my network to access off-market opportunities. The work I did with her was instrumental in helping me secure my first executive role.

I re-engaged with Kelly in 2021 – having landed an interview with the Australian Space Agency, I needed her advice to effectively prepare for an interview at the highest level, with the Head and Deputy Head of the Agency. Kelly came through with the goods, once again, providing me with constructive advice on my interviewing style and helpful ‘homework’ to assist my interview preparation. With her guidance, I nailed it. Once I got the offer, Kelly gave me critical insights to strengthen my salary negotiations – which were successful. I am eternally grateful for Kelly’s wisdom and candour. I am certain my interview preparation and salary negotiations would not have been as effective without her advice. I thoroughly recommend Kelly to anyone looking to break through their career barriers.Kathie, Executive

Just wanted to let you know – at last I’ve secured that permanent Marketing Manager role I was looking for. I wanted to say thanks to you. For believing in me and helping me believe in myself. I could never have got to a CV I was proud of and a LinkedIn profile that reflected what I stand for if it hadn’t been for your help. Despite spending over 6 months with the out-placement service it wasn’t until you held me to account that I really had a breakthrough with both CV and LinkedIn.” Carol, Marketing Manager

“Kelly Magowan is an outstanding executive coach and effectively groomed me to develop my executive potential for executive career advancement roles, clarifying goals and development objectives. I feel fortunate that I could work with Kelly throughout this journey developing my style of communication whilst stepping forward in developing a larger network. I enthusiastically give her the highest recommendation as an Executive Coach.Vijay, IT Executive

“Kelly helped me switch gears and pursue a career in management consulting. This has been an exciting career change and I’ve not looked back. The main strength Kelly provided was in building confidence that it is possible, although hard, to change careers. Her other advice, support and information on structuring the resume, targeting the translatable skills and managing the expectations of what a career in consulting would look like before entering, has been essential to the success of being admitted to a big 4 consultancy. Thank you for all your help!” Thomas, MBA Student

The resume format Kelly provided clarified and highlighted my strengths better. I found the achievement writing process useful and it enabled me to differentiate myself better, rather than just show I had done the job.  It was a worthwhile investment in my time and money as I was able to secure multiple contract roles with my new resume.” Peter, Accounting Professional

The process of reviewing my CV with Kelly was so worthwhile as it opened my eyes for considering my next career move, outside my natural comfort zone. The process was confronting but the result that you get from closely working with Kelly and stripping back your career to the most important aspects that future employers will value was so rewarding for me to have confidence in gaining my next job.” James, Wealth Management

“Kelly Magowan is a skilful and inspiring career coach. From an impressive first meeting in which she clarified the expectations for my coaching sessions, to the practical recommendations and networking opportunities she has provided in the months after our formal sessions ended, Kelly has offered invaluable support and encouragement. The sessions in which we workshopped ideas around key skills and personal branding were a real highlight, and we also revised my resume to include achievement stories that focus on qualities brought to a position and results delivered in past roles. I would not hesitate to recommend Kelly as a career coach.” Julie, Academic Researcher & Independent Consultant


“I met Sue at a very stressful time and she was instantly able to put me at ease and give me a sense of calm. She is an insightful, quick thinker and always came up with creative solutions to my issues. Using her empathetic and humanistic style, she helped me create a focus on my life. Then, her practical advice, deep understanding of corporate issues and career guidance made it easier for me to get the right role”Paul, Managing Director, French Private Label cosmetic designer manufacturer, France/UK/Dubia

“Sue has been an invaluable source of inspiration and direction. I highly recommend her not only as a career coach” Elizabetta, Telecoms Strategist, UK

“Having known Kelly through MBS, I am delighted to know her services are available to a wider audience. Having had her help in career planning and resume writing has reinforced for me the benefits of having a subject matter expert coach and mentor through a change in career.” MD, Healthcare Industry

“Sue’s advice helped me to get the job I wanted in one of Europe’s largest banks. After a couple of unproductive, aimless years in an unsatisfying role, Sue’s knowledge and experience helped me focus my energies productively, on finding the job that met my aspirations in life and fully used my skills and talents. Her tips on CVs and interviews, and lateral thinking on getting the role you want, were invaluable.Colin, Investment Banker for a major International Bank, UK

“It was indeed a privilege to have had you as my coach and mentor Kelly. You’re amazing at what you do and always brings the best out of the other person. Thanks heaps for all your help and guidance and we will definitely stay in touch.” MBA Student

“Sue has helped me with my career search in many ways, but most specifically she has helped me focus on my past successes, unique skills and personality attributes so I could leverage them to more efficiently sell myself for future roles. Sue, especially, has helped me focus and I’ve now found the right role for me.” Wanda, International Management Consultant, Canada/UK

“Your career guidance has been such a great help, it got me thinking deeply about my career and what my dreams were, rather than only the ‘safe’ job options.” Karen, Executive

“I have been working through a career change for the past 18 months with Kelly Magowan. Kelly has been a great mentor guiding me through a career change from owning my own Veterinary Practice to revisiting student life to enter study as an Engineering student. This transition was daunting from the outset, and Kelly has made me realise that life really is short, and enjoying your job really is important for life happiness. Her ground-up approach has involved thorough analysis of my career preferences and personality profiling. The journey towards career development could not be rushed. Kelly has patiently and professionally provided me with the tools to work towards a career that is more fulfilling.  Kelly is a great communicator and has kept in touch with me through every step of my transition, and still does today. I am so grateful for all she has done for me, and strongly recommend her services. ” Daniel, Veterinary Surgeon

“Kelly’s warm and approachable style and professionalism empowered me to work through the mindsets that were holding me back. Through her coaching, I’ve gone to the next level in my career and my confidence. I’d highly recommend Kelly to anyone who wants a grounded, supportive and knowledgeable source of information about career development and management.” Angela, MBA Student

“You are a highly skilled adviser who can adapt to changing needs.  You have the tools available to create focus and inspiration. The tools are deceptively simple and delivered in a sensitive but challenging style. A delight to deal with.”  Trevor, Legal Executive

“Following redundancy in 2003, Sue’s experience as a (career) counselor, her contacts and use of diagnostics, were invaluable in helping me consider a wide range of work/lifestyle options rather than my initial response to jump back on the UK corporate bandwagon. I am now re-invigorated and looking to establish a business in South Africa” Neil, CIO, Global IT and Service Industry

“Sue provided the right tools, asks the difficult questions and helps you reach your own conclusions. Highly recommended.” Dave, IT & Telecoms Industry Consultant, UK

“I found the career counselling a great help. Prior to starting I was totally frustrated in my job but had no idea how to move forward.The process Sue took me through enabled me to identify what I was best at, what suited me and how to move forward.At the conclusion of our sessions I felt a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders.I believe I would have been lost for another 10 years if I didn’t undertake my career counselling with Sue.”  Brigid, Project Manager, Not for profit, Melbourne

“Sue, thank you for your helpful advice and support with regards to launching my career in Melbourne. Since the start of the program I have been able to take stock of my previous work experiences and with your encouragement, felt able to value the significance of some of my accomplishments with greater clarity. A great tonic for one’s ego!!! Your guidance regarding some of the cross cultural differences was both interesting and informative. Further, the connections I have been able to make with some of your colleagues has opened new conversations and possibilities. I look forward to reporting on progress about this important milestone in my career.” Petrina, Learning and Development Consultant, Melbourne and UK

“You have helped me to identify a way forward with my career. By identifying what I do well and what I like doing, I feel confident I can set-up an appropriate Resume and subsequently look for satisfying roles. You were right, that it is not an easy task to get right and my first tries at it were just wrong. It will be a continuing process, refining the documents.” Cameron, Program Manager, Automotive Sector, Melbourne“Sue is a very perceptive and insightful coach and a very good listener and has an excellent network.” Bill, Partner, Law firm, Melbourne

“Sue worked with me over a three month period developing a transition plan after my voluntary redundancy was excepted by Boeing in February 2010. I was impressed by her overall ‘big picture’ outlook and knowledgeable insight in aiding the construction of a robust career strategy. Her attention to detail in providing excellent feedback and constructive criticism during the authoring of my CV, focusing on skills and attributes was commendable. I am truly indebted to her for the personal reflection and hindsight reviews of my last 11 years in the aerospace profession. Jonathan, Engineer and MBA graduate, Melbourne and NY

“Sue has been an invaluable source of inspiration and direction over the past few months as I transitioned into the Australian job market from Canada. Sue has a proactive approach to career coaching and development, asking difficult questions while providing insight and positive guidance. She helped me to set clear personal and professional goals, navigate the Melbourne job market and find meaningful employment. Sue has a thoughtful and intuitive approach and I would recommend her to anyone who is experiencing a career transition, interested in setting new life goals or is curious about how to get more out of their professional life. ” Erin Moriarty, Business Continuity Professional.

“I hired Sue in 2010 when I required assistance with clarifying the direction I was headed career-wise. Sue was very approachable, and spent a lot of time listening to all of the frustrations I had experienced throughout my career to date. Sue was always empathetic, but her responses were solid and knowledgable. While we only saw each other for a few sessions, I was able to get the guidance I needed in order to find myself a new role. LinkedIn will only let me select three attributes that best describe Sue, but I would tick all boxes if I could.”  Laura Cvetkovski, Account Executive – Scoop and Weigh at Profile Foods

“Sue coaches and mentors people to meet their professional and personal goals by tackling barriers such as dealing with change and lack of self confidence. She makes the most of their strengths and coaches on how to utlise these abilities during career transition and beyond.  Sue has the ability to coach, lead and motivate individuals and comes up with practical ways to use life principals that work.” Georgia Valkanidis, HR Business Professional

I engaged Sue to help me clarify and define the skills I developed and earnt over the last 20 years in Defence as I continue my transition to the corporate world. I would highly recommend any Senior Manager with a Defence background to work with Sue, she has a well developed and intuative set of activities which she leads you through, enabling the subject to concerntrate on what is important to them combined with the skills already developed. Sue is highly professional, punctual and unfailingly cheerful, our work together has been a fantastic investment in my future.” Adam Lawson, General Manager Relief and Recovery Emergency Management.

“Sue worked with me over a three month period developing a transition plan after my voluntary redundancy was excepted by Boeing in February 2010. I was impressed by her overall ‘big picture’ outlook and knowledgeable insight in aiding the construction of a robust career strategy. Her attention to detail in providing excellent feedback and constructive criticism during the authoring of my CV, focusing on skills and attributes was commendable. I am truly indebted to her for the personal reflection and hindsight reviews of my last 11 years in the aerospace profession.Jonathan Heasman, Director Strategy& (note also MBA student)

“Sue has considerable knowledge and experience which she draws upon in working with people to guide them into careers. She offers advice, insights and direction and is an excellent career coach.”  Mark Lachowicz, Program Manager at Thales.

“Sue’s has a practical, focussed and unfussed manner. Her insights, experience and approach were exactly what I needed to make a successful career transition. I recommend her without hesitation.” Ian MacCallum, Program and IT Manager

I was introduced to Sue in 2008 as her client at Directioneering during a period of transition in my career. Sue was an amazing and invaluable source of knowledge, support and direction assisting me to ensure my career direction was as refined as possible in order to achieve the best outcome possible. With her finger constantly on the pulse, Sue has great insight into the marketplace; I am so pleased to count Sue as one of my regular ‘coffee catch-up’ people within my network. Sue always provides a fresh and insightful perspective into the Australian marketplace.” Paul Koger, Engagement Manager, Orange Business Services

“Kelly is an accomplished coach and facilitator whose passion for helping her clients. She helped me a lot during my transition to a new career. She changed my mindset and helped me to think about my dream career. I found her to be dedicated, professional and truly caring about her clients and their success.” Koorosh, MBA,

“Kelly is a knowledgeable and insightful careers consultant. Her pragmatic and down-to-earth approach was of great help to me as I navigated my way through a career transition. Her approach was balanced and she was a great sounding board, providing open and honest feedback. The guidance she provided during the process of updating my personal brand was particularly helpful.” OIivia, MBA, Executive


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