Ikigai, Your Life’s Purpose & Career Happiness

What is my life’s purpose? This is a question we often explore with our coaching clients when they are stuck or have no ‘conscious’ goal in life at that point in time. Most people may not know how to easily define their life’s purpose which is understandable, it is a big question. The problem is often not knowing how to go about defining their life’s purpose and then being motivated to take the actions make it happen.

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Some people may also feel that they cannot have what they want, or the answer is too complex. Others tend to focus on what is available, rather than what they want. A more empowering and successful approach is saying, “This is who I am and what is important to me; this is the value I bring and problems I can solve. Who is looking for people like me?” This shift in mind set opens a whole range of career possibilities and creates an increased level of confidence and focus. In essence, getting ‘on track’ in life requires several factors to be working together and a positive mindset to make it happen!

Essentially, your life’s purpose is a key driver to career success as it acts as a guide to your career choices. It is really the basis of what you are interested in your career. It may change over time too.

The image summarises the core ingredients to finding your life purpose and how they are interrelated and how they combine to reach your Ikigai. The concept of Ikigai (pronounced ee-key-guy) was developed by clinical psychologist, Akihiro Hasegama based on Japanese life philosophy. It roughly translates into English as ‘your purpose in life’ or ‘your reason for being’.

Are you ready to start defining your life’s purpose & be motivated to make positive changes?

To learn more, Get Your Complimentary ‘Ikigai’ Life Purpose Resource

Interested in exploring working with a career strategist & coach?

If you are interested to explore working with a career strategist and coach on your Ikigai, you may like to book a complimentary 30 minute coaching session with one of our coaches via calendly.

Simple Weekly Reflections to Refocus Your Career, Energy & Mindset

Reflection involves serious thought or consideration being given to experiences, which can be difficult to do given the busy lives we all lead. Many of us are stuck in a cycle of action &/or re-action with little time for reflection.  For more information see The Triangle of Responding to Change & Stress!  

Reflecting on our experiences is a way to understand and know ourselves better. While thinking is a cognitive activity, reflection involves the emotional and physical dimension which can be lost, particularly in our work. Exploring with curiosity issues from a different perspective can help challenge our assumptions and preconceptions, while encouraging the growth of new ideas and opinions.

*Give yourself permission to spend 10-15 minutes at the end of each work week to capture in a notebook your reflections.
Below are some grouped reflection prompter questions to start with. Focus on up to four questions each sitting.

How was my work week?

– Have I experienced any internal resistance at work?  What did it feel like?

How did I overcome this resistance?

– What strategies are working for me now at work?

For more reflection prompters download the attached document.

Designing Your Work Life For A Happier Future – Free Podcast

I was fortunate to be able to speak with Cecelia & Nat about Wellness & Our Careers – ‘Designing Your Work Life’natwellness

The Wellness Collective Radio Show, is a show with radio personality Cecelia Ramsdale &  Health Educator and Dr. of Chinese Medicine Nat Kringoudis who come together to slice up and serve health and wellness information like never before.

This is a podcast from a couple of years ago, however people may find it helpful in reflecting on their careers (whether currently working or not) and thinking about how they want their work life to look in the future after this global health crisis. It is so important to take stock of what matters most to us and how we want to live and work beyond 2020.

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