Employee 360-degree Feedback


Our team are certified in the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) assessment suite of 360-degree feedback instruments that includes:

  1. Benchmarks® for Managers™
  3. Benchmarks® by Design™
  4. Benchmarks® for Executives™
  5. Benchmarks® for Learning Agility™

This feedback tool can be applied to groups or as a part of the Executive Coaching service.

“The CCL suite of 360-degree assessments are powerful tools for learning and, most importantly, development. By understanding a leaders’ current effectiveness, as well as their potential, you can set the stage for organizational success. By integrating 360 assessments into their talent management plan, organizations can help identify what’s most important in order to attain their strategic goals. The correct implementation of 360 assessments should improve an organization’s financial performance, strengthen its existing talent, and enhance its talent pipeline.https://www.ccl.org/articles/leading-effectively-articles/avoid-360-degree-feedback-pitfalls/

To discuss your organisations 360-degree feedback needs please email kelly@diversitas.com.au or call 0417 330 673

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